SMC 2008 - The IEEE International Conference



Computer software news

The world we live in today has certainly revolutionized a good deal in terms of lifestyle such that it will be close to unimaginable living a life without computers and laptops. As it will obviously seem, computers without software are just but helpless pieces of hardware that to be honest cannot help us in anything. In other words computer software is what makes the sophisticated hardware functional

Software release this year for computers has been arguably motivated by the fact that analyst in the sector have projected the increase in revenues from sales in tablets computers up to $49 billion. That is why apple and co have stepped up their software development to meet this great demand. Putting that aside for the moment, the sector has also witnessed other milestone events. Recently, Microsoft announced a record 1.5 million downloads of its super smart tool kit to make applications for windows phone 7 lately. The massive increase in sales just stamped the obvious reality that Microsoft was a genuine player in the industry winning in the process the trust of many software developers. Another massive and popular addition has been the newly launched Facebook application called the high school memories. The social networking site has been motivated in launching this application to add on to its popular site by the fact that no player in the sector had thought of such an idea before. The application as the name would quite rightly suggest enables users to share in their high school adventures and memories.

On the normal wars of who reins supreme in the sector, Google certainly toppled Apple in Android mobile operating system development if the relatively higher seek in service for Google specialist this week compared to that of apple is anything to go by. All the same, the two companies are certainly one of the best in the market today.