SMC 2008 - The IEEE International Conference



Information technology news

The IT sector in all fairness apart from its dynamic nature is indeed full of drama and events. It is today a common spectacle to hear news of a hacker caught somewhere or even an intelligent protection module developed somewhere, but all the same, what the IT sector has brought to this planet is just remarkable.

The biggest tale and talk in IT quarters this year has certainly been the close assessment and analysis of the widely publicized Apples smart phone and the iphone5 in particular, although the company has also demonstrated massive success in macbooks and iPods. But apart from this, IT has also been full of other spectacular news and events both on the positive and the negative. For instance not many websites and IT blogs have reported the surprising arrest of a man in Britain on allegation that he tried to hack into the systems of the popular American social networking site Facebook.

Facebook is indeed, in all fairness, a massive player in IT and to say the least, what affects Facebook may as well have knock over effects on the whole sector. On the positive note however I should mention that other headlines lately in IT have been the release of the disk utility software called Drive genius LE. The software which was a follow up of the drive genius 3 has been developed by the American Based utility vendor Prosoft Engineering and even more importantly, the utility software is approved by Apple. The software which on the evidence of the quality of its predecessor promises to be a great addition in IT is available at Apples Mac applications stores at sixty dollars. Other prospects have been the anticipated release of windows 8 by Microsoft later this year. The sector as always has something to look forward to.