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Model Driven Architecture Industry Experts

The industry-recognized principals and leading technologists of 10x Software have been fortunate enough to have worked side-by-side with many of the most renowned innovators and consultants in software technology. This long-standing affiliation provides you, our customer, with direct access the specialized expertise of the industry luminaries. Now you can leverage the best in the industry drawn from multiple disciplines brought together into a cohesive set of services designed to enable you to achieve your business and IT strategies!

David Frankel is one of a handful of industry-recognized luminaries with deep expertise in Model Driven Architecture (MDA). As an independent consultant unbiased by technology or products, David provides your organization with the in-depth knowledge and practical mentoring needed to define large scale, enterprise software solutions. He is credited as a driving force behind MDA from when he was on the architecture board of the Object Management Group. He is the author of "Model Driven Architecture: Applying MDA to Enterprise Computing."

Have a question about the practical business and technology benefits of Model Driven Architecture? Interested in learning more about how Dave can help provide a rapid quickstart to your enterprise architecture?

Michael Rosen is one of the most sought after enterprise architecture experts in the industry today. He is one of a very small group of industry-respected architects possessing both abstract critical thinking as well as practical, hands-on development expertise necessary to capitalize on the architectural advancements. With over 20 years’ technical leadership experience, he is available to help your enterprise architects understand, adopt and benefit from the significant advances in enterprise architecture, model driven architecture and service-oriented architecture. He is the author of "Developing E-Business Systems and Architectures: A Manager’s Guide" and "Integrating CORBA and COM Applications."

Have a question about how Model Driven Architecture and Service-Oriented Architecture combine or can be used to accelerate your enterprise architecture efforts? Interested in learning more about how Mike can provide on-site consulting to enable a rapid, complete and valuable knowledge transfer to your architects?