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Review Of Google Chrome OS

Nowadays, there are many available OSs. There is already the so-called Chrome the OS. Chrome is a best for coding and developing. Also, this source is good if you want to explore more because it has features you will surely love.

Google Chrome OSIn fact, Google spent more time in developing this new interface for various computer devices. As of now, it is a great source because it looks like truly a personal computer. With the desktop, you can only view your background if it's in default.

Regardless of this, you can see an icon in the launcher where you can view your installed applications. If you installed some application, it will definitely appear. Plus, on the right corner situated at lower, it will reveal the time, battery status; show your internet connection and your account on Google. With your account, you will have the chance to know who is logged in. If you want to edit your settings or to know more about your account, then simply click the icon (avatar) you will see.

Moreover, you have the chance to customize your background. You have lots of choices to choose from and you can also upload an image you want. On the other hand, the image you want should be stored in your files locally or save on the Google Drive to ensure the compatibility.

Just like any other OS, this type of OS has also weaknesses. You need to know that what works in another browser is the same with this OS. In fact, some controls are available in the wrench menu but some of the controls like extension manager are hidden. You can view them on the tools submenu but if you want to make some adjustments to the design and layout of your interface, you need to update it regularly.

Overall, the Chrome Operating System cannot be considered as truly dependent on internet before however, it's still helpful for people. Most importantly, this Chrome does a good job in creating a space in order for web based apps to function well. Finally, Google Chrome OS is a truly great OS for everyone who wants to experience new!