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Hiper SF-350TS ATX PSU

"What?", you might ask, "is a CoolerMaster logo doing on a review for a Hiper power supply?". Simple, CoolerMaster recommend them for use with their aluminium cases. In fact CoolerMaster sent me this one to review. The 350TS model to be precise.

As should be obvious from it's name, this particular model is rated at 350Watts and is the least powerful of the current four models in the range. The other models consist of the 420TS, (420W), 520TS, (520W) and the 420TS-WTX, (420W dual MP format).

The supply is fully Intel Pentium 4 ATX 12V/ATX 2.03 complient and has automatic fan contol. The product range is intended to match the Enermax range in performance whilst being at least 25% cheaper.

An interesting point to note is the number of cooling fans increase as the power rating is increased. I.E. The 350W has one fan, the 420W has two and the 520W has three. Apart from the number of fans, the main differences between the models are the +5V current rating and the 420/520W models have active power factor correction, (PFC), as opposed to the passive used in the 350W version being reviewed.

Hiper SF-350TS ATX PSU

The connectors, like those on the Enermax, are gold plated. The benefits of gold plated connectors in this application are dubious at best but they do indicate the supply has not been limited to just using the cheapest components available.

The number of connectors should be sufficient for most peoples needs:
2 x Floppy power
P4 12V connector
AUX connector
ATX motherboard connector.

One welcome difference between the Hiper and Enermax is in the connector cable length. Enermax cables are renowned for being excessively long, bordering on the ludicrous for the home computer market. Hiper use a sensible length which should be ample for most cases allowing for nice tidy wiring. Fitting the PSU into a CoolerMaster ATC-101 showed the cable length to be ideal. Hardly surprising I guess considering CoolerMaster recommend them.