SMC 2008 - The IEEE International Conference



A headset to make heads turn

You have to hear and see the head set to believe it.

headphonesThis is an accessory which enhances the appeal of the pink apple iPhone, this matching headset adds to its already innumerable charms. This hand held headphone comes with 100% guarantee and is sure to look good as it matches the pink of the Apple iPhone perfectly.

The metal bullet head is offset by the pink around the neck. It looks very sturdy but is surprisingly lightweight. A rare combination of the beautiful and the utilitarian! With the attractive metal bullet headset and the integrated voice function you can have the leisure and pleasure of keeping your hands free. This feature is a must in this age of multitasking.

A multipurpose mic which comes with a convenient clip can be clipped to the collar. The mic is not only to carry sound but can also be used for other purposes. It can be used to control the music or display the stored tunes. The set of ear buds with the headset fit smoothly into the ear and do not inconvenience the user at all , no fiddling to fit it in the ear. The quality of the sound is the best as the technology used is the sound signature one which is used in professional monitors. It very effectively keeps the noise around you effectively sealed off and you can enjoy unadulterated sound.

It also comes with an extra pair of silicone ear fittings which you might lose or damage.