SMC 2008 - The IEEE International Conference



JewelBox JBoss Migrator

Not all Open Source Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (“J2EE”) application servers are appropriate enterprise-capable, ‘drop-in’ substitutes for their proprietary counterparts. Nevertheless, there are several areas within an IT organization where virtually any of the Open Source application servers are appropriate replacements to substantially and immediately reduce overall IT software total cost of ownership. We believe IT executives should use qualified technical consultants, experienced in enterprise development, to develop assessments designed to evaluate various development, testing, standby and production systems requirements to identify these hidden opportunities to potentially save millions of software licensing dollars. Qualified technical consultants, such as 10x Software, may be relied upon to avoid conflicts arising from differing feature sets, variable J2EE certification levels and other enterprise compatibility and operability issues between Open Source and proprietary application servers.

Our JewelBox JBoss Migrator is designed to carefully, rapidly and successfully migrate your mission-critical business application off of aging, decommissioned or expensive application servers. Our Migrator service provides an architecture, standards and templates for an easily customized migration program to fit almost any business or technology requirement. We follow a carefully phased approach, rapidly building upon incremental successes to reduce risk and provide thorough knowledge transfer to our customers. In addition to the successfully migrated application, each project provides valuable deliverables such as skills, tools and processes. The result is an organization with a clear understanding of the new environment and an ability to rapidly adapt it, unaided, to meet new business challenges.