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JBoss Authorized Service PartnersAs JBoss Authorized Service Partners, 10x Software offers full Production Level Technical Support and certified training materials as part of our total Migration Program. We tightly integrate our own services and support capabilities with those from JBoss, Inc. to provide a complete, industrial-strength solution to our customers. With over a decade of hard-won experience and deep expertise building and deploying mission-critical business applications from a broad range of vertical industries; the 10x Software/JBoss team is here to help you today and well into the future!

"We are very pleased that 10x Software has taken the initiative to create, document and offer this powerful migration program to the industry," said Marc Fleury, founder and president of JBoss Inc. "Their industry-recognized expertise in advanced technology migrations will undoubtedly help many BEA customers to achieve greater success leveraging JBoss to meet their mission-critical business requirements."
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Abstract Application server technologies based on J2EE have matured to become a widely utilized solution set for creating a broad range of business applications and systems. Thousands upon thousands of software licenses for application servers are sold to Global 1000 corporations by leading software vendors such as BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle. At the same time, the open source community created several powerful, and free, application servers that are highly suitable for most business applications. Application server technology has become so prevalent and is based on such widely accepted standards that it has become a commodity in the software marketplace. With open source providing the free alternative to expensive proprietary software, this paper outlines an approach to migrate a typical business application from BEA WebLogic Server to JBoss, the leading open source application server.