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JBoss Certified Partner

JBoss Authorized Service PartnersAs JBoss Authorized Service Partners, 10x Software offers full Production Level Technical Support and certified training materials as part of our total Migration Program. We tightly integrate our own services and support capabilities with those from JBoss, Inc. to provide a complete, industrial-strength solution to our customers.


JewelBox JBoss Migrator

Not all Open Source Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (“J2EE”) application servers are appropriate enterprise-capable, ‘drop-in’ substitutes for their proprietary counterparts. Nevertheless, there are several areas within an IT organization where virtually any of the Open Source application servers are appropriate replacements to substantially and immediately reduce overall IT software total cost of ownership.


Model Driven Architecture Industry Experts

The industry-recognized principals and leading technologists of 10x Software have been fortunate enough to have worked side-by-side with many of the most renowned innovators and consultants in software technology. This long-standing affiliation provides you, our customer, with direct access the specialized expertise of the industry luminaries. Now you can leverage the best in the industry drawn from multiple disciplines.


LignUp Multi Collector

It truly is excellent to have normally the products you will need at your disposal, however within the digital age our collectibles are often simply piled in no particular order on laptop. Consequently we can’t find the thing we need to have at once. What is the use of our assortment if we are helpless to locate the things we require? The right software program will give you a hand.


Information technology news

The IT sector in all fairness apart from its dynamic nature is indeed full of drama and events. It is today a common spectacle to hear news of a hacker caught somewhere or even an intelligent protection module developed somewhere, but all the same, what the IT sector has brought to this planet is just remarkable.


Computer software news

The world we live in today has certainly revolutionized a good deal in terms of lifestyle such that it will be close to unimaginable living a life without computers and laptops. As it will obviously seem, computers without software are just but helpless pieces of hardware that to be honest cannot help us in anything. In other words computer software is what makes the sophisticated hardware functional.